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The Soulist “Friends Across Borders (FAB)” Festival – Vol. 3

By Roland Eyerich ….

Friends Across Borders (FAB) Cyprus will be held for the 3rd time in aid of Tulips (Help Those with Cancer Association) in September at The Soulist Coffee and Music House, Alsancak. The Festival will be held from 25th to 27th of September 2020.

Alper Cengiz and myself will be presenting at the Soulist the 3rd Friends Across Borders (FAB), in aid of TULIPS, in a 3 Day Festival again. For the first time with an extended cooperation with Tulips.

The idea behind this festival is to promote above all young artists and to further the “European concept” by overcoming mental borders, be free of prejudices and characterised by mutual respect without fear. The co-existence of the two communities in Cyprus is the aim without prejudice, hatred and boundaries in the minds. Music has no boundaries. This is one objective and the other objective is to create a good result with a donation for Tulips (Help Those with Cancer Association).

Following the big success last year with 50 musicians from both sides of Cyprus, and the good donation to TULIPS, “FAB“ must continue.  Alper and myself will again be organising this unique social bi-communal Festival (FAB) in North Cyprus. A great surprise for the FAB-Team is that musicians from abroad get recognition from articles on CyprusScene website and online Enewspaper and Social Media as a result of being part of this unique festival.

This year FAB will be presenting a band from Germany and also a band from Scotland. From Germany (Münster) one of the best backing bands in Soul and Blues worldwide “The Özdemirs” will be on stage for FAB. In October they are on a European Tour with Johnny Rawls. Also they were part of Shawn Pittman for his new Album “Make it right” – which is being released in April.

From Scotland (Stirling) the best Delta Blues Band “The Blind Lemon Gators” with their new release “Gatorville” in the package will also be performing on the Soulist stage.  CLASSIC ROCK MAG says  “They have the blues under their fingernails and handle these conversational semi-acoustic songs with an old master’s touch” – “An absolute discovery…Gorgeous CD, absolutely loving it – and original too!” – Ashwyn Smyth, Digital Blues (Chair, UK Blues Federation).  The Scottish delta-blues sensations The Blind Lemon Gators have announced plans for a full UK and European Tour following the smash hit success of their debut album ‘Gatorville’. Major festival announcements are forthcoming including trips to France, Netherlands, Cyprus (The Soulist Coffee & Music House, Alsancak, North Cyprus), Belgium, Eastern Europe and of course the UK.

It is so important that it was possible to get musicians from other countries to Northern Cyprus who support the “Friends Across Borders” project with their music transfer. It is also a form of appreciation for the work of Alper Cengiz and myself in the past two years.

The Festival will be held from 25th to 27th of September 2020. Diversity in high quality Live Music is the heart of this year’s Project as always. Blues, Blues Rock, Rock, Reggae, Jazz and Classic are the music genre.

We need you – We need your Sponsorship

Help us to achieve bringing people together through music having no borders.

For the Motto/Theme: Cancer and Music have no boundaries held in North Cyprus

If anyone can offer sponsorship please contact Alper Cengiz. Tel: 0548 839 8994 or email: or email Roland Eyerich at:

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