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An Evening with Taliya Hafiz and her surprise guest at THE SOULIST

By Heidi Trautmann….

We were world travellers for one evening, one moment we believed to be in one of the charming ‘boites de nuit’ in Montparnasse, or in England, even in Japan, and was it in Tataristan for one or two songs?.. and finally, when the special guest, Hugh O’Neill joined in… in Ireland.


Taliya Hafiz, a very young woman, an elf, one would say, but with lots of power, entertained the guests of The SOLIST at the piano, bringing her own songs in many languages.


She is a multilingual singer, songwriter and composer of romantic songs in 7 languages: French, English, German, Tatar, Russian, Turkish, and Japanese. She is and feels at home in many countries; learn more about her career under


What a talent, and here is one song she wrote for peace, as she feels that the world is not in order and she wanted to make a contribution….

The second part of our journey across the world was now with Taliya’s special guest Hugh O’Neill, an Irish man, and here I found a link to explain the encounter of the two artists

They had walked their own road separately, and met and made music together, this is how it should be.

A very enjoyable evening at ‘The Soulist’ who try to bring the world of music to Cyprus, be it Jazz, Rock and Pop, or ‘chansons’ in many cultural languages.



ÇAKMAK celebrated at Soulist Coffee & Music House

The young band ÇAKMAK celebrated a successful premiere in the unique venue for live music in Northern Cyprus “The Soulist Coffee & Music House” in Alsancak/Karavas on 15th of April.

On Saturday 15th April the new young band CAKMAK celebrated a successful premier with their opening support act at the unique venue, The Soulist Coffee and Music House, situated in Alsancak/Karavas and set off a spectacular musical firework!  They appeared for “The Two Bands Special”, featuring ÇAKMAK and Alper Cengis and Friends.

They were brilliant, exactly the kind of act we would love to see back on stage at Soulist again.

They played powerful renditions of their setlist of cover versions with an incredible presence and energy. They played powerful renditions of their set list of cover versions with terrific presence and energy. Their interpretations almost made me feel they were their own songs – of course they also had an own song with “The House Of Broken Dreams” written by singer Arda Tosun – This evening theyblew me away, overwhelmed and so impressed with such a great “first.” ,They commanded the audience’s attention and were riveting throughout the whole time they were on stage.

Particularly impressive is the keyboard-driven music played by Andemirken Koç.

Bu kez kanser hastaları için rock müzik yaptılar

By YeniDuzen 21 Kasim, 2022

"Friends Across Borders" yeni adıyla “Rock Night for Tulips” muhteşem bir etkinliğe imza attı.

Kaynak: Bu kez kanser hastaları için rock müzik yaptılar

Bu kez kanser hastaları için rock müzik yaptılar


"Friends Across Borders" yeni adıyla “Rock Night for Tulips” muhteşem bir etkinliğe imza attı.

Kaynak: Bu kez kanser hastaları için rock müzik yaptılar


Murat OBENLER"Friends Across Borders" etkinliği aynı amaçla bu kez “Rock Night for Tulips”  adıyla  The Soulist Coffee & Music House’de yapıldı.Pandemi öncesinde The Soulist Coffee & Music House, bölünmüş Kıbrıs'ta müzikal bir köprü kurmak amacıyla Kıbrıs'ın her iki tarafındaki müzisyenler için iki kez (2018 ve 2019) "Friends Across Borders" etkinliğine ev sahipliği yaparken bu kez de etkinlik “Rock Night for Tulips”  adı ile yapıldı.



Kuzey ve güneyden rockçular müzik ve dostluk adına Soulist sahnesinde buluştu


11 Kasım Cuma günü Roland Eyerich ve Alper Cengiz’in sunduğu “Rock Night for Tulips” isimli rock gecesinde , müzik ve dostluk adına Mental Soup (Girne) ve Private Garden (Lefkoşa/Limasol) Tulips yararına sahne aldı. Her iki grup da İlk albümleri “The Journey Through Abyss” ve “Mr. TV“ seslendirdiler. Mental Soup yoğun alkışlar sonrasında yeni çıkacak albümlerinden "Parasite Eater" adlı yeni parçalarını seslendirdiler.


Hollanda’da HOEX Radio ‘da ve Kuzey Kıbrıs’ta Bayrak İnternational radyosunda dj’lik yapan Roland Eyerich ‘in programı “Blues Rock Alive mit Roland”  tarafından desteklenen ve sunulan bu geceye katılan müzikseverler hem KHYD’ye bir katkı yaptılar hem de sırınların ötesinde rock müziğinin keyfini çıkarttılar. 


Jazz Breakfast at The Soulist in Alsançak with ‘Lady M. Jazz Duo’

There is no better way to spend a cool Sunday morning in Cyprus than to join the crowd at ‘The Soulist’ for the ‘Jazz Breakfast’ which has become famous over the last few years.

Let us be honest, why do we love going there…. It makes us feel young again… with music from our young years and Ersen Sururi and Miray Çakır, the ‘Lady M. Jazz Duo’ know it.

They watch us, the elderly generation going with the rhythm over the breakfast so nicely prepared by the Soulist Team. Both musicians are well known across the island playing in different arrangements, Miray Çakır is a member of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra, also part of the Miray Trio, she told me, classic music is my life, but Jazz is my love….


Ersen Sururi, I heard him with the Gypsy Jazz Quartet, or as a background pianist at the Nicosia Municipality Theatre.

Jazz Breakfast is quite a common habit in Louisiana where the Jazz comes from and where it is an important part of life; my husband and I have often taken part in one of those Sunday mornings when couples as old as 90 get up and dance.

During the winter months, they promised, The Soulist would arrange again Jazz Breakfast events on Sundays once a month.

The Soulist Rock Night was a Blast Event

By CyprusScene on November 15, 2022

Listen to the podcast by clicking the button below!

It was a packed full Soulist Coffee & Music House which presented a blast event with the Soulist Rock Night

After a 2-year break, the Soulist Friends Across Borders (FAB) project was back live on stage at the SOULIST Coffee & Music House in Alsancak/Karavas (North Cyprus).  On 11 November, where organisers Alper Cengiz and Roland Eyerich presented their new baby, the  “The Soulist Rock Night for Tulips (Tulips/Help Those with Cancer Association)” with Private Garden (Limassol, Larnaka and Nicosia) and Mental Soup….

The purpose was to build musical bridges in divided Cyprus again and the goal was achieved with both bands with old and young generation enjoying together this magical night, right until the very end.. wow

Alper Cengiz and Roland Eyerich have created something special again and the audience, which filled the “Soulist” that evening, thanked them. The musicians returned the favour with their great performance… A spark that ignited both sides with the music from the very first note

Old and Young generations together until the end of the night following these energising music performances. For the organisers it was a surprise that so many people came to this alternative rock event and gave the musicians the stage to perform their own outstanding songs. The local band Mental Soup started the show with a brilliant perfomance at 21:00 pm

Rock Night.webp

Global Music with Roland Eyerich

By CyprusScene ON JULY 15, 2020

Global music networker ROLAND EYERICH from Germany, based now in North Cyprus, has no boundaries connecting his music presentation with musicians and music listeners all around the World.  His newest success is his first “Keep The Blues Rock Alive mit Roland” in the Netherlands,  by “Dutch Rock Radio – HOEX Radio” which was launched last Monday 13th July 2020.

North Cyprus Music and Engagement Vita from Roland:  on 1st January 2017 the first Blues & Rock Show (every Sunday) for BAYRAK International (Lefkosa).

The cooperation with the one and only unique Venue for Live Music “The Soulist” in Alsancak started on 28th September 2018.  The first Friends Across Borders Festival  (FAB) one day event.  Cooperation with RockCyprus from Limassol (RoC).  27th to 29th September 2019,  the second Soulist Friends Across Borders Festival (FAB) 3 day event.  13th July 2020 the first “Keep The Blues Rock Alive mit Roland” show in Netherlands for “The Dutch Rock Station – HOEX Radio” Mondays and Saturdays as a repeating Show.  The third Soulist Friends Across Borders (FAB) planned for 25th to 27th September 2020.  

Music is the passion of Roland – presenting music, supporting musicians in Cyprus, organising the Soulist Friends Across Borders for musicians from both sides of the divided island of Cyprus.


Caz, blues ve rock aşkına

6’lı gitar grubu The Soulist’te sahne aldı ve müthiş bir programa imza attı Kaynak: Caz, blues ve rock aşkına 



damızın tanınan 6 vokalist ve gitaristi 3 Mayıs Salı gecesi Alsancak bölgesinde yer alan The Soulist’te sahne alarak caz,blues ve rock müziğinin unutulmaz parçalarını seslendirdiler.

Alper Cengiz, Naim Korudağ, Kaan Batural, Çağrı Ersoy, Ed Sezener ve Engin Bahar’dan oluşan 6’lı “6 Man Acoustic Night” konseptiyle spontane olarak unutulmaz şarkıları birlikte yorumladılar.


Ülkemizdeki yerli ve yabancı müzikseverlerden oluşan dinleyicilerin büyük beğenisini kazanan programda 6 gitarist/vokalist hem gece boyu seçtikleri parçaları birlikte çalmanın keyfini yaşadılar hem de The Soulist’i dolduran müzikseverlere yaşattılar.Dönem dönem kendi gruplarıyla da Soulist’te sahne alan ülkemizin önde gelen gitarcılarının bu sürpriz buluşması ortaya benzersiz bir gece çıkartırken dinleyiciler bu vb.


birlikteliklerin sürmesini de dilediler.Mayıs ayında The Soulist’te dopdolu bir programKuzey Kıbrıs’ta caz müziğine sahnesini açan ender yerlerden biri olan The Soulist’te Mayıs ayı boyunca farklı grupların müzik etkinlikleri devam edecek. Konser detayları için The Soulist - Coffee & Music House Facebook adresine girilebilir. Kaynak: Caz, blues ve rock aşkına 


Music in the Air at The Soulist, Alsancak

by Kyrenia Commentator ON MAY 24, 2021

Music was in the air, last week, the first events after the virus has loosened its grip on society. Jazz, rock and soul at The Soulist in Alsancak enticed many of the ‘habitués’, their fans, and they came from near and far, happy to start a normal life again. Music was in the air, and the guests, young and old, sang with the tunes, tunes of their youth, arms and legs twitching to the rhythm of the music.

Music was in the air and they drank it hastily, and women jumped up and danced absentmindedly, dreamily with a big smile on their faces. But, it was not any different with the musicians, you could feel how happy and relieved they were feeling and they played and sang with their whole being.

The music scene in general has been most impatient these last months.

I enjoyed the evening together with friends and it was for us a sort of healing process after the many months of isolation and restrictions.

We enjoyed the early hour of 7 o’clock instead of 9.30 or 10, perhaps they would consider having Early Bird music evenings in the future?

Live music is back at The Soulist Coffee and Music House, Alsancak

By Roland Eyerich ON MAY 25, 2021

Finally, we are back with live music here in North Cyprus and it’s been a long time of waiting and now the music abstinence is over.

The venue for your live music in North Cyprus is The Soulist – Coffee & Music House in Alsancak, which is back and started last week with 3 events.

On Wednesday we had Jazz with Lady M, followed on Friday with Blues/Blues Rock with The Great Flood, and finally on Saturday with Soul/Rock with the unique musician Alper Cengiz and his friends.

The early starting time of 19:00 was the golden key for the success and of course, people  are thirsty for listening to  live music again and for those followers who have not been down to see us yet, here are this week’s events.

Wednesday 26th May – Jazz with Lady M

Friday 28th May – Ed Sezener Trio

Saturday 29th May – As always- Alper Cengiz & Friends

Admission time is 18:30pm

It is important for all future events to book your seat in order for Soulist to be able to comply with the legal requirements of Covid-19 control.

Looking back at those cosy evenings indoors with great music.


The Soulist Coffee and Music House re-opens after lockdown

By CyprusScene ON MAY 26, 2020

By Roland Eyerich ….​

There was a re-start after Lockdown for the venue of Live Music “The Soulist Coffee & Music House“ in Alsancak on Saturday 23rd May 2020.

Step by step The Soulist Coffee & Music House will be back to offer good coffee and of course great “live music”, the heart of this venue, to the people.  Under the circumstances of new health regulations, the “Soulist” decided last Saturday that the opening jam with Alper Cengiz & Friends should be held outdoors and set the start time at 9:00pm

The aim was to give live music and Soulist friends the chance to participate at this special evening and being able to comply with the rules of the curfew (Midnight to 6am).

This re-start from The Soulist was a great success after the hard times of LOCKDOWN…. People were hungry for live music and joined in at the “Open-Air Terrace“ in front of the Soulist.

At 9:00pm Alper Cengiz & Friends started. You could feel it … Everyone enjoyed the new freedom, danced and had a lot of fun…. Exuberance in the positive sense was announced. Liberated musicians finally being allowed to make music in front of an audience again.


Jazz Night under the Stars at The Soulist, Alsancak

by Dominique Prud`homme ON JANUARY 22, 2020

My father once said to me: “When you close your eyes, what happens in your mind? “I hear Music, Dad”. Let’s stay humble.  Yesterday was not “The Village Vanguard” in NYC, or “Le Duc des Lombards” in Paris, or “Ronnie Scott” in London. We are at “The Soulist” in North Cyprus, and the band is playing.

I was told the trumpet had a kind of Chet Baker’s sound, but that was not my opinion, I was hearing Freddie Hubbard or Clifford Brown instead, on “Stella by Starlight” or “Yesterdays”. Vladimir Kowalski on the trumpet. As for the Drummer (Arda Baykurt), for a long time, I always said “He’s really a Jazz Drummer”. He proved me right last night, with his accomplice on bass Çığır Kazımoğlu Then I closed my eyes again and concentrated on the Keyboards (Ersen Sururi). I heard Miles Davis saying with his raucous voice “who’s that motherf****r?” I want him on my next record (He was talking about Herbie Hancock, who went on stage in the second set with a splendid rendition of “Cantaloupe Island”). The real surprise for me was when we had a trombonist joining the band (Can Öztürk). At that moment it was like J.J. Johnson playing with Dizzy Gillespie. Pure Beauty and Perfect Harmony.

My wife said to me “Will those people shut their mouth and listen to music?”. “Well, you know, in London, Paris or New York, you hear the forks and the knives in the Live Records, That’s what a Jazz Club is, My Love”. Only in Japan, they keep quiet. All in all, that night will stay as a cherished memory for me, thanks to my dear friend Roland Eyerich.

The Soulist and looking back in time with a musical journey.

By CyprusScene ON JANUARY 20, 2020

The very first time I went to the Soulist Coffee and Music House in Alsancak I had this feeling I had been there before, but why?

Going to the 3rd Anniversary celebrations at the Soulist gave me the same feeling just like many times before.

Let me explain this feeling of being there before.


Well for me the Soulist brings my youth back to me, when I spent many happy hours in Soho, although I never went to the 2i’s Cafe which was a bit before my time and without doubt was like the Soulist is now.

I did spend a lot of time in the Flamingo Club in Soho going into the evening session and then later back to the late night session and when it finished I walked all the way home to Walthamstow in NE London which was around 10 miles to get a few hours sleep before getting up to go to work.

Music was our life and although mixed with different types, we spent many hours going to other clubs like The Marque, The Scene and then around the London dance halls like the Hammersmith Palais and Tottenham Royal and even the Leytonstone Baths` which presented some great bands.

Supernova Reggae Band at The Soulist, Alsancak, Review

By CyprusScene ON JANUARY 22, 2020

By Roland Eyerich ….​

The Soulist Rock’n’Soul and Reggae music weekend continued with the Supernova Reggae Band on Saturday 7th March.

What a finalè it was on Saturday night, this time with the Supernova Reggae Band.  Again a full packed house.

Three music genre in one weekend at the Soulist – “Rock’n’Soul‘n’Reggae“. With Supernova Reggae band (SRB) one of the hip Reggae bands of Cyprus which was a guest again on the Soulist stage and finished the weekend program with their performance. SRB made their debut at the Soulist with the 2nd “Friends Across Borders” Festival held in September 2019. Reggae music has its fan base in Cyprus. Reggae is developing its renaissance in Northern Cyprus with bands such as the Healers and the Supernova Reggae Band. Reggae as a musical expression of social protest.

SRB started with a lot of energy. From the beginning the special reggae feeling was transmitted from the stage to the audience.  Sonero Öncal, the frontman, has this talent to reach the audience directly. The motto for this special evening  “One love – one heart – let’s get together and feel alright”.  Dancing people, people having fun and happy people, this is what happened on this night. Sonero Öncal and Ersen Eroğul harmonised as a vocal duo with Hasan Rahvancıoğlu especially brilliant on piano.

The Hilmi Özakin Band at The Soulist Coffee and Music House, Review

By CyprusScene ON JANUARY 22, 2020

The Hilmi Özakin Band were guests at The Soulist Coffee and Music House in Alsancak on Friday 28th February.  A premiere for the new project from Hilmi Özakin performing “Pop – Soul – Rock – Classics“.

When you go to a concert of Hilmi Özakin, it`s not a surprise, he always presents a melting pot of hip music covers. He did it with his former Band, The Healers, with “Reggae” taking us on a trip from Jamaica via the UK to the Ivory Coast, and also on this Friday night event with a melting pot of Pop – Soul – Rock and also Reggae songs.

For the first time The Hilmi Özakin Band with this new program were on stage at The Soulist. It was a successful premiere for this new program, including Bill Withers, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Bobby McFerin, Police, Gnarls Barkley, Maroon 5, Santana, Doobie Brothers and of course Bob Marley.

Hilmi Özakin:
“ Since I started to play guitar when I was 14/15 years old, I always liked foreign music (English music). From that time I listened to English music more than Turkish music, to be honest I’m not listening to much Turkish music at all. The Playlist is not a list of a specific kind of music. There is pop, rock, old and new music… any kind that I like in it. I also try to choose songs which most people know or listen to on the radio to fill in, so people can enjoy and have fun while they listen our music. “

Posey Music Band debut at The Soulist, Alsancak, Review

By CyprusScene ON March 9, 2020

By Roland Eyerich ….

Rock’n’Soul and Reggae was the music scene last weekend at the venue for Live Music in Alsancak “The Soulist Coffee & Music House”.

On Friday 6th March the Posey Music Band made their debut and Supernova Reggae Band followed on Saturday Night 7th March.

On Friday night the special guests on stage were the Posey Music Band who performed during the Alper Cengiz & Friends gig.  Alper Cengiz invited the young talented musicians from the Girne American University to perform a couple of songs.

Following the idea – “Give the young generation a platform for presentation”, the Young Stage was back again, after FAB and the Christmas Market, with the Posey Music Band from Central and West Africa.

With the energy in the songs you felt the love of music. The boys were just great. Especially their singer Emmanuelle Jr, and the audience was surprised to have this additional music presented with this young talented singer at the Soulist.

Young and fresh with their interpretation of Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson and I Look To You by Whitney Houston, and at the end even a composition by singer Nuel Jnr (Emmanuelle) – “Rainbow” – maybe it’s a Cyprus song, because Cyprus is the “Rainbow Island”

It was a great performance and perhaps the Band can come up with a soul night at The Soulist in the near future.

The Soulist 3rd birthday anniversary celebration

By CyprusScene ON JANUARY 22, 2020

It is just as well that the Soulist Coffee and Music House in Alsancak holds most of their events late in the evening. 

We had another event to attend on the evening of the 18th January but were determined to be at the Soulist by 9.30pm when the party was to begin to celebrate the 3rd birthday of this great music venue, and we managed to time it nicely.

There were not too many people there when we arrived but within 15 minutes the place was full to overflowing with people who wanted to give their good wishes to Alper Cengiz and Roland Eyerich, who are the mainstay of the Soulist, and enjoy what was to be a fabulous evening.

So the music began with Alper & Friends, which included Alper (guitar/vocal), Dean Bridges (bass guitar), Bulut Abilek (drums) and Naim Korudag (guitar) who unfortunately had to leave following the first couple of numbers and he was replaced by the ever popular Ed Sezener (guitar/vocal).  

The Soulist is not a huge venue but its area gives a very intimate atmosphere with the music surrounding the audience.   I have seen Alper perform on a number of occasions, and I am overwhelmed how he puts his very heart and soul into his performance.  In my opinion he is a showman of the highest calibre and such a very nice person off stage.

Burns Night Ceilidh at The Soulist, Alsancak

By CyprusScene ON JANUARY 14, 2020

The Travelling Scots are once again embracing the Soulist Stage, this time celebrating the life of Robert Burns.

Burns is possibly one of the most celebrated poets around the world and his work has touched everyone whether it is one of his famous love songs or the New Year favourite “Auld Lang Syne”.  Born on 25th January 1759, we are now celebrating the 261st anniversary of his birthday. Something that happens internationally, with haggis, whisky, stories, poetry, toasts, songs and music.

Following the success of the St Andrews Ceilidh in November, the Soulist has provided the opportunity to present some of the songs and stories associated with Robert Burns by the reputed ceilidh band from Scotland, as well as having some dances, tunes, some laughs and plenty banter too! Just as Robbie would have wanted it!

The Band for this trip will be a trio. Graeme Mackay, Maggie Wellenger and Andy Low.

Graeme Mackay, Cyprus Ambassador for Scottish music. 

Andrew Low, on the bagpipes, has been touring with Graeme for several years and is no stranger to Cyprus.

Maggie Wellenger, is a professional Pianist and is classically trained on the piano and vocals. 

Jazz Breakfast at the Soulist – Sunday's @ 10.30amm

By CyprusScene ON JANUARY 13, 2020

The great William Shakespeare wrote ‘If music be the food of love play-on give me excess of it…’ and it is interesting that those words came to mind during the most recent event at the Soulist Coffee and Music House in Alsancak, where the owner Alper Cengiz, along with Adeleh Mozafari and the team fused Jazz and a wonderful breakfast together to the delight of the sell-out audience.

It was an early start for the Soulist, which has quickly become the premier live music venue in the TRNC, but inspired by the warm and sultry jazz tones of ‘Lady M’ we were taken on a magical journey of music, which was the perfect partner to the tasty food freshly prepared and served by the Soulist team. The music was beautifully matched to the breakfast, which highlighted the ability of this jazz trio who bring together great individual musical mastery wrapped together as ‘Lady M’ with Miray Çakır on Violin and vocals; Ersen Sururi on Piano; and Nikolai Petrovic on Double Bass.

The audience could not help but fall in love with the delightful blend of food and music and enjoyed the very best start to a Sunday morning in Northern Cyprus. The only request from the audience was that they wanted ‘more of the same’ so expect this to become a regular feature at the Soulist.

The Soulist Coffee and Music House 3rd Anniversary on 18th January

By CyprusScene ON JANUARY 10, 2020

After 3 Years, success continues at The Soulist Coffee and Music House in “Back to the Roots“ of good Venues for Live Music.

On Saturday the 18th of January -The Soulist is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary. Meanwhile, not just an insider tip for good live music, The Soulist has found its place in the hearts of Cyprus music lovers and it’s a compliment that English guests who visit “The Soulist” repeatedly address the time of the Soho Hot Spots in London during the 1960s, but The Soulist is different – it is unique in North Cyprus.

The Soulist: During the day you can enjoy delicious coffee of different kinds, as well as homemade savoury and sweet pastries. This enjoyment is rounded off by good music and night time (monthly 3 times a week) live events. The most important point, of course, is the musican‘s heart of Alper Cengiz running the place. It`s something special you feel when you come, you feel the soul of the musician at The Soulist. His motivation is to get people excited about music. With “The Soulist”, an international meeting place was founded, focusing on the music and inviting people and musicians to enjoy music without borders.

Introducing the Soulist Coffee and Music House, TV videos...

By CyprusScene ON JANUARY 2, 2020

There is a lot of great entertainment in Northern Cyprus but for something very special you need to call into the Soulist Coffee & Music House in Alsancak where you will find a wide range of music styles and it always reminds me of when in my early days as a teenager I spent a lot of time going to Soho Hot Spots in London.

On January 20th 2017, the Soulist Coffee & Music House was opened in the village of Alsancak in Northern Cyprus by Alper Cengiz (Lead singer of the group Soulstuff from Istanbul) and he soon teamed up with his German friend, Roland Eyerich who helps him with promotional activities.

Alper Cengiz has created something special. You feel the soul of the musician at The Soulist.  Music is at the centre of the stage and the furnishings and musical background are there for coffee enjoyment, with trumpets as ceiling lighting, musical instruments and memories of musicians on the walls which all add to the atmosphere of the coffee house.

Soulist Christmas Market with Music, the finale

By CyprusScene ON DECEMBER 27, 2019

This unique Christmas Market in Northern Cyprus, the “cultural Soulist Christmas Market” was held on 21st and 22nd of December in Alsancak/Karavas.

In the centre was a Christmas tree and there were stalls selling hot and cold food items, jewellery, gifts, and pet products and it was also the venue for Live Music with different musical performances, this time with free entry. A gift for all music lovers. On the second day at the “Soulist Christmas Market”, the Soulist presented Choir music with Christmas songs, a pop music act and classical music.

The finale was opened by the Kyrenia Chamber Choir giving a brilliant performance putting everyone into the Christmas mood. Then the evening was ready for the young talented singer Salime Atalar. Her first performance at The Soulist was during the Friends Across Borders Festival on 29th September when she was part of the Young Stage.  Now again she performed on the Soulist stage supporting the Christmas Market with her own programme.

The atmosphere was well prepared by the Kyrenia Chamber Choir, dark outside, the Christmas market with its coloured lights now determined the mood and in the Soulist only the piano and microphone were on the stage and then Salime took her place at the piano.

A Turk and a German united in music at The Soulist, Alsancak

By CyprusScene ON MAY 9, 2019

The Soulist Coffee and Music House in Alsancak has become a very popular venue for those people who enjoy live music, including blues, rock, reggae, jazz and classical.

Alper Cengiz opened the Soulist in January 2017. He and Roland Eyerich became friends and together they have since been promoting live music at the Soulist to an ever increasing audience. 

CyprusScene recognise and appreciate the dedicated work of these two people and have been pleased to present them with the CyprusScene award.

Friends Across Borders at the Soulist with Roland Eyerich DJ, Promoter

Roland Eyerich is from Koblenz in Germany and was an officer at the Federal Ministry of Defence. He has been visiting the TRNC with his wife for a number of years to stay at their home in Lapta now.

Following his retirement and after much travelling, in particular to Scotland, which he loves, he studied social science and now tries to help and support younger generations develop skills and create for themselves a better future.

Since 1st of January 2017 there is a the radio now on Bayrak International in the German language presented by Roland Eyerich every Sunday evening from 10pm to 11pm called the "Blues & Rock Show with Roland". It`s an international Radio Show.


One of Roland's passions is music through which he says "it`s not only a show for German people as my intention is to bring people together without regard of nationality, colour, religion or language. Music is one of the instruments for making people happy and peaceful. The Radioshow is not enough so he organises Bands and Musicians for the premier live venue in North Cyprus called „The Soulist Coffee & Music House“ in Alsancak/Karavas.

The Soulist “Friends Across Borders” apply for Stelios Award 2019

By CyprusScene ON JUNE 25, 2019

The project Friends Across Borders applied for the Stelios Award 2019 with the highlight of the FAB Festival from 27th to 29th September at the Soulist in Alsancak/Karavas in aid of “Help Those with Cancer Association (TULIPS)“.


“Friends Across Borders (FAB)“ – For the second time musicians from both sides of Cyprus will be coming together on one stage in North Cyprus, following the invitation of the founder of this project, Roland Eyerich (German Blues & Rock DJ from Bayrak International).


The motive for Roland is his former education as a social worker and social pedagogue that he is committed to the Ethos of Social Work to overcoming borders and building bridges against fears and breaking down prejudices in the divided Island of Cyprus with music. 

The Soulist “Friends Across Borders” (FAB) line-up and times

By CyprusScene ON SEPTEMBER 17, 2019

There is less than 2 weeks to go for this 3-day festival presented by Alper Cengiz and Roland Eyerich at The Soulist which is in aid of Tulips (Help Those with Cancer Association). 

The 2nd “Friends Across Borders” in aid of Tulips (Help Those with Cancer Association) is being held 27th to 29th September at The Soulist Coffee and Music House, Alsancak.  


There will be 8 Bands on Friday and Saturday. Jazz, Young Stage and Classical performances on Sunday.  FAB will be presenting also in cooperation with RockCyprus. 

The “Friends Across Borders” (FAB) project is a social cultural project which will bring together musicians from both sides of this divided island on one stage in the North.

The Soulist “Friends Across Borders”(FAB) 3-day Music Festival.


By CyprusScene ON OCTOBER 4, 2019

There were 50 Musicians from both sides of Cyprus following the invitation to celebrate the project “FAB“ – Friends Across Borders, with a 3 day Festival of Music with the Motto/Theme “Music and Cancer have no boundaries“.

FAB “Friends Across Borders” Vol 2, held in North Cyprus, was a big success at the Soulist Coffee and Music House in Alsancak.


This was the first time as a 3-day Festival, from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th of September and it will become one of the Events of the Year in North Cyprus.


The aim with the two objectives of bringing Friends Across Borders with music together on one stage in North Cyprus and to generate good proceeds for “Tulips – Help Those with Cancer Association” has been reached. What a festival.


Musicians/festival visitors donation for TULIPS 12,504TL.

FAB donation to Tulips (Help Those with Cancer Association)

By CyprusScene ON OCTOBER 17, 2019

On Tuesday 8th October, the President of Tulips (Help Those with Cancer Association), Raziye Kocaismail, visited the Soulist Coffee and Music House in Alsancak, where she was presented with the amount of 12,504TL.

This amount was raised at the 3-day music festival “Friends Across Borders” (FAB) held at the Soulist on 27th to 29th September, where there was music from many bands from both north and south Cyprus and other countries, and also included jazz, young stage and classical music.

The event, which was the second annual festival of its kind, was well attended on all three days and was a great musical success for the organisers, Alper Cengiz and Roland Eyerich, and also as a fundraising event for Tulips.

 27 SEP 2019 - 29 SEP 2019


For the second time The Soulist – Coffee and Music House is hosting a 3-day Music Festival Friends Across Borders (FAB) from 27th to 29th of September 2019. Musicians from both sides of Cyprus will come together on one stage in aid of Help Those with Cancer Association TULIPS. All proceeds of the charity tickets will be donated to the association. The theme of this festival is “Cancer and Music have no Boundaries“.

High quality Blues, Blues-Rock, Rock, Reggae, Jazz and Classic Live Music will be the main focus throughout the weekend.

Friday 27th, the day for Blues-Rock and Rock.

Saturday 28th with a mixed program of different music genres.

Sunday 29th Jazz and Classical music.

“Friends Across Borders (FAB)“ was founded by Roland Eyerich (German Blues & Rock DJ from Bayrak International) and musician Alper Cengiz (The Soulist Coffee and Music House).

Classical concert at The Soulist Coffee and Music House, Alsancak

By CyprusScene ON NOVEMBER 26, 2018

I have been unable to attend the previous classical concerts at The Soulist so was delighted to be able to go along with my sister to the concert which took place on Sunday 25th November.

What a wonderful concert it was, with a first class performance by Mehmet Sakarya (Flute) and Atakan Sari (Piano), who enthralled the 80+ audience with their music.

The concert was organised by Roland Eyerich and Alper Cengiz (owner of the Soulist) and as Roland has written his own review of the evening, I have decided to keep mine short and also reproduce his review of the concert, which is shown below.

The Soulist has recognised the need to offer music of every description and as well as their normal Blues, Rock etc. events they are now including music for those who enjoy classical music as well, a great initiative.

The Great Flood at The Soulist, Alsancak,  Review

By CyprusScene ON DECEMBER 20, 2018

In mid-December the band “The Great Flood” a local Blues & Rock n Roll Band was once again the guests in Alsancak in the “Small Music Hall” to present their show.

The Soulist Coffee & Music House has set itself the task of giving local artists a stage with live music events to perform their music.

After their album release “So Far So Good” in August, they presented a new program with a mix of well-known Blues, Blues/Rock, RocknRoll and rock numbers. There was a small highlight in the second set, where a female singer who is a music student of Kaan Batural (Frontman of The Great Flood) gave a performance.

The framework for their music is the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter, Chuck Berry, B.B. King, Robben Ford, Eric Clapton and Joe Bonamassa. It’s always a pleasure to experience this 3-piece band with the Brothers Batural, Kaan Batural (Guitar + Vocal) and Altan Batural (Bass + Harmonica) and drummer Ulaş Öğüç live. “Force and Power” describes the performance always but especially this night ….

The Soulist, Alsancak, Classical Concert  “Musical Moments”

By CyprusScene ON FEBRUARY 1, 2019

What a lovely classical concert hosted by The Soulist Coffee and Music House in Alsancak on Sunday 27th January, which was again a full house.

As with previous classical concerts, there were many comments from those attending of how refreshing it was to have something different for those who enjoy classical music.

The audience was entertained by Katie Economidou – Mezzo Soprano, Zara Barkhoudarian – Soprano and Piano, Heran Mirillo – Flute and outstanding performances by young artists Peri Sualp and Edgar Evoyan.   Zara accompanied all of the artists on piano during the evening.

The evening started with Katie Economidou singing several lovely pieces which were then followed by Heran Mirillo with her flute, again wonderful music.


Both were accompanied by Zara Barkhoudarian who then gave her own solo performance with voice and piano.

The Soulist Coffee and Music House, Blind Man’s Tale review

By CyprusScene ON NOVEMBER 22, 2018

The “Friends Across Borders” Concert Series with Musicians from both sides of Cyprus continues in THE SOULIST Coffee & Music House Alsancak/Karavas with Blind Man’s Tale.

On Saturday 17th November the spectacular Cyprus Rock band “BMT“ (Blind Man’s Tale) rocked the Soulist stage…  Great that once again Blind Man’s Tale was able to commit to a gig in the Soulist.

Unfortunately they could not attend the first “Friends Across Borders Alsancak Concert” on the 28th of September and had to cancel their participation at short notice …. but this Friends Across Borders project was important for them and they wanted to catch up with their performance as soon as possible.

The peaceful co-existence of Greek and Turkish Cypriots is very close to their hearts and in this case they won the “Stelios BI-Communal Cyprus Awards” this year.

Classical Concert on Christmas Day at “The Soulist” (Alsancak)

By CyprusScene ON DECEMBER 29, 2017

On December 25th there was the premiere of a classical concert at “The Soulist” Coffee and Music House in Alsancak. This was an experiment, having not tried this type of performance previously, and it was a complete success with a full house.

The organisers – Roland Eyerich and Alper Cengiz (The Soulist) succeeded in signing two top-class musicians for this evening. Baritone Ahmet Zeyin and pianist Atakan Sari. The two musicians played in front of a sold-out house. Unusually this special atmosphere was for the first-time in the “small music hall” of Alsancak. It was like magic that the classic duo Ahmet and Atakan gave to the audience. The selected program was classical arias, arias antique and Neapolitan songs.

Several times there were calls of “Bravissimo” and “Bravo”. It was a magical evening that surrounded the listeners and musicians alike. Whether Caldara, Gluck, Montverdi, Scarlatti, Donizetti, Mozart or Handel (just to name a few). The wonderful baritone voice of Ahmet Zeyin with Atakan Sari on the piano, laid the foundation stone for this great performance.

“Soul Stuff” at The Soulist in Alsancak, Review

By CyprusScene ON JUNE 17, 2017

On Friday, June 9th, for the third time, the hip Soul and Rock`n`Roll band with Horns “SOUL STUFF” from Istanbul performed at “The Soulist” (Alsancak) as special guest.

It was an energetic show with an exploding frontman, Alper Cengiz, on stage.


Coming from the traditional ”Hayal Kahvesi” from the young Heart of the city Istanbul “Beyoğlu”.  For over 25 years they played there until this traditional club closed in May of this year.  Perhaps they have now found a new home?

The six-man band formed a special sound for unforgettable Soul, Funk and Rock`n´Roll classics.

The arrangements for the songs worked out very well. The Rock’n’roll band and the horn section harmonized excellently. You are listening to a band in which all band members legitimately enjoy what they do and the audience at this performance was spellbound. Often the band had long applause. The band played 2 sets of about 2½ hours.

The Soulist in Alsancak, great performance by FAKE

By CyprusScene ON NOVEMBER 6, 2018

There was a crowded House for FAKE, the hip BritPop/Indie and Rock band who were guests at The Soulist Coffee and Music House in Alsancak.


The November events at The Soulist started last weekend on November 2nd with an outstanding concert by FAKE from Istanbul.


Whenever FAKE appear, they present their music with high quality standards.


FAKE were performing for the 5th time in the Soulist and convinced the audience again with their program.  


Outstanding Sükrü Kazaz on drums, with unbelievable Cem Çakır on Vocals + Guitar and a brilliant Tansu Kizilirmak on bass + vocals celebrated a special performance.

FAKE has now developed a fan base in Northern Cyprus and again there was a specially arranged program for them.  Right after the first song they had a packed audience.

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